Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Broken knotted pearl necklace

I have a broken knotted pearl necklace. Only one bead and the clasp broke off. The repairperson said the entire necklace would have to be restrung and knotted. Why can’t she just put the clasp back on the string?

The technique of hand knotting is very popular real pearl and fine pearl jewelry. This method places a tiny knot beside each bead ensuring that if the necklace should ever break only one pearl or bead would be lost. Knotting makes a necklace drape in a more graceful manner than strung jewelry.

The reason she can’t reuse the string protruding from the end of the last bead is the remaining string is too short. There is not enough string to go through the ring on the clasp and tie it off securely. If the necklace has a pendant, the design would be off center because there would be more beads on one side than on the other. In addition the integrity of the string itself may be compromised meaning the string may be in such a deteriorated state that it’s just a matter of time before it breaks again in a different area.

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